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What Is An Off-duty Police Officer?

by Katherine Pate
What Is An Off-duty Police Officer?

A private employer can hire off-duty police officers. The typical tasks of an off duty police officers include

  • At events, keep things in order.
  • Assist in the enforcement of the law for individuals or private property.
  • On private land, provide traffic or pedestrian control.

The recruiting procedures include:

  • At least two weeks before the event, submit a request. 
  • Make preparations to deliver the following:
  • General liability insurance documentation.
  • Job duties to be completed are described in detail.
  • Upon request, a site visit.

The requirements include:

  • Unless the chief of police approves, assignments are limited within the city limits.
  • Assignments might be done on a one-time basis or a more long-term basis.
  • The hourly pay rate equals the overtime hourly wage of each police officer plus city personnel expenditures (not to exceed $85.29 per hour).
  • Unless the chief of police approves otherwise, police officers wear the Police Department’s uniform.
  • Police officers use standard-issue equipment.
  • A minimum of $500,000 in general liability insurance will be provided.
  • In the case of an emergency or staffing needs, all police officers stationed at a temporary work site are subject to mobilization by the Police Department.

Any cancellation must be reported to the Police Department at least twenty-four (24) hours before the commencement of any temporary work assignment. If you do not cancel within twenty-four (24) hours, you will be charged a minimum of two (2) hours per assigned police officer.

Some of the restrictions are:

Non-security activities such as offering food or beverages, including alcohol, parking automobiles, collecting tickets, replenishing shelves, handing out pamphlets, and influencing traffic flow in a public right of way are all forbidden by police officers. 

Any employer whose affiliations or activities are doubtful,standard-issue constitute a conflict of interest; or discredit the officer, the Police Department, will not be approved to contract with police officers. Off-duty officer employment is illegal in the following situations:

  • Retailers whose primary business is selling, manufacturing, or transporting alcoholic drinks, liquor, or cereal malt beverages.
  • Retailers or employers who sell or supply sexually explicit materials or services.
  • Establishments that are not exempt from the statute.
  • Debt collection, bodyguards, bail bonds, property repossessions, private investigations, process servers, and taxi drivers are all businesses that deal with vehicle towing or storage.
  • Any job performed for a strike-bound entity, organization, or labor group.
  • Any non-police work that is controlled or licensed by the Police Department.
  • Any personnel investigations for any entity/organization are performed.
  • Any activity that supports case preparation for the defense in any criminal or civil action, at the request of or under the direction of the entity/organization.
  • Any task that necessitates access to police files or records is performed.

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