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What Is the Difference Between Criminal Law and Civil Law? 

by Zachary Wade
What Is the Difference Between Criminal Law and Civil Law 

The laws and regulations are made to punish serious crimes or wrongdoings of any person. Similarly, crimes can be reduced or even eliminated through strict and quick actions against the offender. However, there are different types of crimes and each offense has pre-decided laws to compensate, penalty, imprisonment, or hang till death. Criminal law in East Peoria, Illinois, deals with behavior that is considered wrong or against the society, public, citizens, and state. It involves punishment for murder, theft, drinking, driving, etc. Civil law deals with behavior that involves injury, another private property forfeit, defamation, contract breach, and other property damage issues. 

The wrongful deeds of the criminal are brought to justice through different laws. You have to follow strict orders given by the law court and justice either forcefully or willingly. In this article, you will know about the difference between criminal and civil laws. 

1. Crime compensation or punishment

Every crime or wrong deed needs repayment or cost as a punishment. According to civil law, harm or loss caused can be repaid by the offender through compensation and in terms of monetary relief. While criminal law punishes the criminal with imprisonment. 

2. Liability

Civil law offending will create a private liability against the person or an organization. But, criminal law creates a liability against the victim and the whole of society. 

3. Triable

Every law and justice has some sequential processes that are to be followed. You cannot perform legal action in favor or against the victim anywhere. A proper time, schedule, date, and place are provided to the parties for being present at the specified court. Cases of civil law are held under a civil court or in other similar tribunals. You can notice that the cases of criminal law in East Peoria, Illinois, are triable in criminal court and sessions court as per laws. 

4. The objective of laws

The laws are practised to make the offender or criminal realize their mistake and remorse for never doing it again in their lifetime. Civil law’s objective is to resolve disputes between the parties and individuals. And, criminal law’s objective is to provide justice to the victim which involves strict punishment. 

5. Procedural law

When you decide to file a case, you should have basic knowledge about the code of procedures in criminal and civil laws. The Code of civil procedure is 1908 and the criminal procedure code is 1973 which adds one more difference in both terms. 

6. Filing and registration

Civil cases are filed by the parties or the concerned organization and can be directly registered in court. Criminal cases are filed by the government on the victim’s behalf. These cases are registered by the police and then proceeded to the court with full investigation and evidence. 

Criminal laws and civil laws follow different procedures or punishments. Many more differences can be considered when seeking help from criminal law in East Peoria, Illinois.

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