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What Happens If You Leave The Scene Of Accident

by John Hensley
What Happens If You Leave The Scene Of Accident


You must not leave the scene in fear and guilt if you meet with an accident. This is unjustifiable from the point of view of humanity. In addition, there are punishments for this crime. Know that a felony hit and run is punishable harshly by laws (up to two to four years of jail).

Are you enthusiastic enough to know things in detail? In that case, bonafide car accident lawyers in salt lake city can help you out. The article discusses the repercussions of leaving the scene of the accident.

What Does Law Have To Say On Leaving The Scene?

Leaving the scene of an accident cannot be justified under any circumstances. If you commit an accident, you need to follow these things first to get yourself safe. Remember running away is the most dangerous.

1. Giving Notice, Information, And Aid

While in an accident, the driver must remain at the scene and fulfill all the requirements. This includes address, driver’s name, license number, and registration. In addition, if you are the driver, you need to make all arrangements so that the injured person gets all the treatment.

2. Reporting The Accident

If you are the driver and have caused an accident, you need to report this to the police station. You need to provide all the information to the police. This will work for your safety to reduce your crime.

You can know things in detail if you consult competent lawyers like car accident lawyers in salt lake city. You need to create awareness regarding all of these.

3. If The Drive Is Unable To Report

It might be possible that you are unable to report to the competent authority; then, in that case, you need indirect reporting.

For example, when you meet with an accident, you yourself become so injured that you are unable to report things. In that case, let someone, mostly another occupant of the vehicle, report this for you. This, too, will do it for you for sure.

Criminal Penalties For Leaving The Scene

There are criminal penalties that you will face if you leave the scene of the car accident. Different provinces or states in the USA have different laws on penalties for learning the car accident spot.

1. California Laws

According to the car accident laws of California, if an individual commits an accident that runs from the scene to evade punishment, he/she might be punished by spending around 180 days in the county jail. Not only this, you need to pay a court fine of up to around $ 1000. This is for the misdemeanor hit-and-run case. 

Now for a felony hit-and-run case in California, you might be sentenced to jail for two to four years in state prison. You might also have to bear a fine of around $10000.

Of course, you can fight your case and defend yourself with the help of competent lawyers.

2 . Utah Laws

Interestingly criminal hit-and-run cases are not enlisted in the lawbooks of Utah. But there are legal frameworks for you to safeguard yourself from any car accident.

For this, you need to consult some competent car accident lawyers salt lake city. They provide you with all the legislative safeguarding so that you come out. According to Utah Code Utah Code § 41-6a-401, you might face six months of jail if you are changed and found guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

Now with class A misdemeanor accidents, you might have to suffer jail time up to around 364 days. For the difficult ones, third-degree felonies, you will be sentenced to up to around five years.

There are legal boundaries and nitty gritty to these sets of provisions. Therefore we recommend you consult among the bona fide car accident lawyers in salt lake city so that you get yourself out of trouble.

Wrapping It Up

Any accident is unfortunate and happens due to a whisker of carelessness, but the repercussions are dangerous.

Therefore the individual who committed the crime must not leave the place. They must act humanly to arrange for the medical facility of the person injured. This not only saves lives but helps the perpetrator with lesser punishment. 

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