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Dealing With A Parking Lot Car Accident in Atlanta

by John Hensley
Dealing With A Parking Lot Car Accident in Atlanta

One in every ten car accidents happens in the parking lot. This is because the space fulfills numerous commitments with the car drivers who intend to park their vehicles, people strolling around, drivers trying to pull their vehicles out on the road, and delivery trucks often acting as an obstruction. The laws and legal proceedings of a parking lot accident are entirely different from that of accidents on the road. Therefore, assistance from an Atlanta auto accident attorney is crucial for the injured person in a parking lot accident to sue the negligent party. 

Although the necessary steps that need to be taken remain more or less the same as in other car accidents, there are several differences which are discussed below:

Difficulty In Obtaining Police Report:

Since parking lots are private property, the police might pay little heed to such incidents, which will complicate the process of acquiring a police report. This will make it more challenging compared to a normal car accident. Therefore, one’s sole responsibility is to gather all the evidence from the spot.

Involvement Of The Owner Of The Parking Lot:

The property owner’s involvement separates a parking lot car accident from a regular one. Suppose the parking lot owner needs to provide a safe parking space for the guests with prominently marked side lanes, various stop signs, adequate lighting for driving after dark, and pedestrian walkways. In that case, the accident will be declared to have been caused due to the property owner’s negligence under premises liability law. In such cases, the premises owner will be sued in place of the third-party driver involved in the accident.

Who is At Fault In A Parking Lot Car Accident?

The procedure of determining the fault as per the laws might be tricky for the general public, as the liability might vary according to the nature of the accident. For instance, if a collision happens due to both cars backing out of their respective parking spaces, the liability will generally be shared. 

Final Thoughts:

As the liability of the fault varies, it is essential to contact an auto accident attorney immediately after seeking necessary medical assistance after the accident, as one might need to be made aware of all the legal implications and federal laws. Only a well-versed accident attorney can shed considerable light on all the relevant information related to a parking lot car accident. 

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