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Signs You Are Dealing With A Bad Criminal Defense Attorney

by Gregory Shaw
Signs You Are Dealing With A Bad Criminal Defense Attorney


Having no lawyer is better than having the wrong lawyer. Especially when it is a criminal case, and you are already distressed from the criticism and lack of understanding from every judging eye.

If you have to ask this question, then you are probably making a huge mistake selecting the wrong lawyer to represent you. So, here are some of the proofs on paper that you need to fire your currency lawyer and look for a better one. 

This is one of the reasons why you need to look through case history and credibility before choosing the right lawyer. These are some of the telltale signs, as pointed out by a criminal defense in Missouri.

1. They Do Not Inform Everything

The sole reason you are calling for a criminal defense attorney in times of such distress is that you do not know anything. You have never been accused of a crime before, and you are afraid of confessing to the wrong thing.

Suppose a criminal defense attorney does not have your back and informs you about all the legal conditions you are not with the right attorney. They should be informing you about the case every step of the way because no one else would.

2. They Ask You To Plea Guilty

Plea guilty is the right option when you are accused of a crime, and only a very lazy or dishonest lawyer will tell you to plead guilty in the very beginning. They haven’t even heard the end of the case or gone to collect any evidence.

Plea guilty should be the last option since that is not proof of your innocence. You are just requesting for fewer years or severity of punishment, and remember that the scar, in this case, will always be ornamenting every record of yours.

3. They Do Not Offer You Legal Advice

Legal advice is like the pillar of any lawyer and clientele relationship. Without the right advice from your lawyers, you should feel like floating through a shipwreck, just waiting for a wave to drown you.

If you feel the same in your case, like you have no idea what rights you have or how you should approach the case in the court of law, then you are definitely with the wrong person.

This attorney either is not experienced, or they refuse to give legal advice without the ‘right fees.’

4. They Are Scaring You

Have you heard them say phrases like,

‘Do this or you are doomed.’

‘It is a good thing you hired me, or else you would have lost the case.

‘ You are already in deep waters, I do not know what else we can do.’

A lawyer who is dealing with a person probably falsely accused should never be saying these phases. The person is already scared and they are unable to understand the situation altogether. If you find your lawyer saying these things to you, fire them immediately. Just look around; you will find better lawyers.

5. They Are Talking About Destroying Evidence

The worst thing any criminal attorney can do is suggest the destruction of evidence. Here are some of the common reasons why they might be keeping this as an option, which they might not tell you.

– The case is getting very complicated for them, and they do not have the courage to tell you so.

– They are unable to find evidence that could be beneficial for them, and this is their fight or flight strategy.

– They are not very serious about this case.

If your lawyer is suggesting this, it’s time to hire a new one. Because destroying evidence is never the right way to protect your rights and innocence. That on its own is a felony.

Hire A New One!

If you lose a criminal case for being falsely accused, can you understand what can happen to you? Therefore, there is no time to be a goody two shoes and friendly. Suppose the compatibility is not right. If you are getting scared as the trial day approaches because your lawyer is teaching you nothing, it is time to hire a new one.

Here is how you can hire a new lawyer and be free of all this anticipation. You are the accused party, not the guilty one; you have every right to ask. 

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