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Questions To Ask Divorce Lawyer When Consulting

by John Hensley
Questions To Ask Divorce Lawyer When Consulting

Divorce is one of the most stressful and terrible life experiences. In addition to experiencing an emotional roller coaster, you will also face serious legal and family ramifications. During a divorce, it is crucial to have an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you through this uncertain period and assist you in obtaining the desired end.

To decide whether a candidate is a good fit for you and your situation, you should know what questions to ask during your initial interview with a divorce attorney. Below are seven of the most important questions to ask your divorce attorney during your initial consultation.

Ten Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

We have supplied a few questions that you should give some thought to asking during your first meeting with a family law attorney. You can use these questions as a guide. These factors may assist you in determining whether or not this attorney is the correct choice for your case.

1. Do you consider yourself a divorce specialist or is that just one of the areas in which you practice law? How long have you been working as an attorney specializing in family law? How many cases involving family law have you worked on? Do you hold the designation of “certified family law specialist“?

2. What are your intentions with regard to this case? How long will it take to find a solution to my legal problem?

3. How long does it take you to get back to people when they call? In the event that there is a crisis, how can I get in touch with you? What kinds of situations do you think to warrant the label “emergency?”

4. Will anyone else in your office be focusing their attention on my situation? In what areas do they have experience? Do you mind if I meet them?

5. What kind of rates do you offer? I was wondering what your hourly pricing is. Do you bill me for the time I spend meeting with other attorneys, paralegals, and/or secretaries? If so, at what rate do they charge? What exactly is the retainer that you require upfront?

6. What costs (other than your own) do you anticipate will be involved, and how will you charge me for them (for example, for private investigators, forensic accountants, physicians, and/or psychologists)?

7. What is your best guess for the total amount that will be spent on this divorce? (You should not be startled by the fact that most attorneys for divorce will refuse to answer this question because the cost of the divorce varies considerably on the degree of dispute that exists in your particular case. The manner in which attorneys respond to this question, on the other hand, may help you evaluate them. It is common practice for a trustworthy attorney to respond by stating that it is difficult to predict the charges in advance. It’s possible that the attorney who quotes you a price that seems implausibly low is only trying to win your business.

8. Do you permit me to bargain with my spouse without your involvement? What are some ways that I might reduce the amount that my divorce will cost? Are there any responsibilities that I can handle on my own to reduce the cost that you will bill me for?

9. Given what you know about my legal situation, what kind of decision do you think a judge will make regarding it?

10. What kind of assistance can you provide to ensure that I fully comprehend the implications of my choices with regard to taxes?

The initial consultation with the attorney should be spent discussing the measures that you may take to limit the expenses associated with your particular case. Ask this question near the end of your discussion with the attorney since, in order to provide you sound advice, the attorney needs to be knowledgeable about your case.

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