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Most Effective Locks to Prevent Burglaries

by Zachary Wade

Quality door locks have become extremely important to protect your property from burglars. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program stats, most burglars just enter the place from your doors. Therefore, you need to get effective locks to stop unlawful entries. Your doors are your first line of defense. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the electronic security solutions for unlocked doors. A residential and commercial digital door lock system is among the most effective locks to prevent burglary. It does not just secure the doors but also secure your windows. 

Some of these locks also have the function of notifying the owner in case of a forced entry. These are called monitored home security systems. They trigger an audible siren on forced entry and are the ultimate solution to prevent burglaries. 

Doorknob Locks

Generally, a doorknob lock has keyed lock cylinder on the outside whereas a turning lever on the inside. You should always pair them with another lock as they are easier to defeat. 

Deadbolt Locks

In a deadbolt lock, a metal bolt connects the door to the door frame and unites them as one. They provide reasonable protection. They usually come in two types, single-cylinder or double cylinder deadbolt locks. 

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks allow you to enter after you enter the correct code. These are similar to doorknob locks and should be paired with another lock for better protection. 

Physical Barriers

Security Experts recommend accompanying your lock system with additional physical barriers like bars, bolts, and chains for increased safety. These options can also not be broken from the outside. These are just additional options and should never be used as a standalone option. 

The protection door locks provide is very essential for your property. So, leverage today’s technology and keep your property safe and sound. To learn more about law enforcement information, news, and resources, keep visiting us at DSP News Room.

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