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6 Things To Know About The Glock Gen5 G17

by John Hensley
6 Things To Know About The Glock Gen5 G17

Late in August, We reported the arrival of two new Gen5 Glocks, the G17 and the G19. Glock was gracious enough to provide me with a G17 so that we could spend more than a weekend with the firearm for a comprehensive evaluation. We have used the G17 for almost a month, and the results are fantastic.

First Impressions Of The Glock G17

While the new G17 appears substantially identical to its predecessor, there are noteworthy modifications.

The finger grooves on the handle have been removed, and the muzzle has been beveled down. In addition, a new slide stop has been added to the right side of the weapon. This does not make the Glock inherently totally ambidextrous, but by swapping the mag release to the right side, a feature carried over from Gen4, it can be.

Finally, the new Glock is ultra-dark in color. The previous nitride finish has been replaced with a new coating dubbed nDLC, which is intended to be even more durable than its predecessor. The accessory rail, sights, and backstrap system are all relics from earlier models.

Testing Of Glock G17

We’ve learned that Glocks require many hundred rounds of break-ins before being evaluated. Similar to dealing with a new partner, you won’t know if you’ll like them until you observe their performance under pressure. We utilized the assistance of several of my colleague’s firearms teachers and students to emphasize this rifle. It wasn’t a failure. Never, after over 1,000 rounds.

This is hardly a surprise to those who are familiar with Glocks; but, after running several types of ammo from different shooters through various drills, we began to observe patterns:

  1.  Trigger Is Smoother

Humans adore the trigger. Internals have been tweaked here and there, but the most useful improvement is that the trigger is now smoother. The transition from reset trigger to subsequent shot is a bit quicker. This leveled out for me with experience, and I was able to not only adapt to it but also take advantage of it.

  1.  Flat Shot

Even compared to the Gen4 we carry on duty, we could not believe how flat the G17 fired. Muzzle flip is the adversary of anybody seeking multiple-round accuracy. After pulling the trigger, you will experience recoil. It tends to throw off your sights, requiring you to re-establish sight alignment and sight picture. This Gen5 G17 is the flattest shooting factory pistol I’ve ever fired. The subsequent shots were swift and authoritative. Even while firing rapidly, I was able to unload shots downrange without the customary dispersion. As opposed to a shotgun blast pattern, a big, jagged hole began to emerge. Similar observations were made by other shooters, who were impressed.

  1.  Ambi-slide Stop Lever

We have no interest in the Ambi-slide stop lever. We do not employ a technique that includes it, nor do We teach others how to use one, regardless of whose side it is on. However, We commend Glock for adapting their product and recognizing that law enforcement is not their primary market. We were never disturbed by the finger grooves on the grip, but many others are glad to see them disappear. People who utilize stiff holsters (Kydex, plastic) have reported that the tapered muzzle facilitated reholstering.

  1.  Flared Magwell

Other observations from many shooters about Gen5’s newest features. The magwell is fantastic. If you’ve ever questioned if a flared magwell is worth investigating, let me tell you that it is. It is quite subtle. It’s not quite like riding a motorcycle into an airplane hangar, but the difference is undeniable.

  1. Faster Reloading

Reloads are faster and more durable. A downside of Glocks is that the magazine may not entirely seat during a reload if the magazine is used to capacity. This results in the magazine dropping out when the trigger is pulled, rather than the desired boom. The flared magwell ensures a solid lockup when the magazine is rammed in.

  1. Orange Adherent

The orange follower in the magazines is a much-appreciated addition. These uniquely distinguish an empty magazine through the chamber. In addition, they are visible in the “window” that displays the round count on the rear of the magazine.

Traditional Glock sights are practical.

Glock Gen5 G17 Specification 

  • Manufacturer/Model: GLOCK Gen 5 G17
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action Type: semi-auto
  • Barrel: 4.49”
  • Magazine: 17 round 
  • Sights: stock Glock
  • Weight: 22.26 oz. (unloaded)
  • Overall Length: 7.95”
  • MSRP: $599.99, Blue Label $398.20

Total Package

Between seven shooters and five types of ammo, the Gen5 G17 did not have any failures. We did not clean the firearm between shooting sessions. Newer rifling in the barrel is touted to increase accuracy, although I did not test this myself. We credited a significant portion of my improved control to the improved trigger, although my groups were tighter. A coworker who shot the new model subsequently purchased a G19. He welcomed the availability of Glock Blue Label, which reduced his expenses well below $500.

Because of the 9mm caliber and the adjustable grip size, this weapon is excellent for any police officer on the street. With a total carry capacity of 52 rounds and a loaded weight of only 32.12 ounces, the G17 can service a whole department. With the recently enhanced ballistics and manageable recoil of the 9mm, anybody may effectively fire the handgun.

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